How to use WordPress Landing Pages plugin using NGINX & Subdirectory

Post written by Hunter Miller
On Thursday, September 7th, 2017

Hi guys,

I just wanted to post this for anyone running into issues with the landing page plugin not switching in this strange WordPress environment.

I have a WordPress environment where it actually runs straight on NGINX not as a reverse proxy to Apache. Additionally, WordPress is in it’s own subdirectory. There are two issues with this setup:

  • A/B Switching won’t work because the module tries to load wp-load.php from the top directory of the site, not any sub-directories
  • The redirect system the plugin uses that is placed in .htaccess will have no effect because Apache doesn’t exist.
  • You may be using fastcgi caching which could also affect your landing page variations from being served.

Here’s what I had to do to fix it, which is not a permanent fix, but there’s probably a way to make it more permanent.

First, in the plugin file landing-pages/modules/module.redirect-ab-test.php, place the subdirectory that your WordPress runs in preceding /wp-load.php.

Second, you need to add a redirect in your NGINX config:

if ($args !~ "lp-variation-id") {
   rewrite (?i)^/go/([^/]*)/?$ /wp-content/plugins/landing-pages/modules/module.redirect-ab-testing.php?permalink_name=$1 last;

Third if you have caching enabled you will need to have an if statement to match your landing pages and set your skip cache variable.

I hope this helps someone. It took quite a bit of searching and reading error logs to figure out what was going on, and there’s no documentation here for a similar setup.


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