How I’m using automation to auto-publish to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn

Post written by Hudson Atwell
On Sunday, June 25th, 2017

About this Article

In a recent article about  generating featured images inside of WordPress, I made mention of how Inbound Now is using Zapier to auto published our latest posts to our social profiles. This generated some additional questions from our readers, like, What exactly is Zapier and how exactly have we set it up to improve our social outreach?

In this article I’ll glance over a few of the rules we’re using to automatically publish to Twitter, FaceBook, and LinkedIn and show how you can get started doing the same for free.

Quick! What is Zapier?

Zapier provides a way to route data in-between 3rd party platforms and offers a ton of connectable platforms to choose from. Even our Inbound Now tool suite offers a Zapier connection that helps Zapier intercept incoming form submission data and sends that data to nearly where ever we like. It’s a pretty cool and very powerful tool that helps 3rd party services across the globe talk to each other.

Before we begin… what’s the catch/cost?

Straight up, I pay 15.00 a month for the service. I was grandfathered in at this price. But Zapier has a free tier and a paid tier starting at 20.00 a month with discounted annual payment options. For this article’s intent you could easily get started with the free tier. The reason I’m on a paid tier is because I power use my Zapier account for personal and business related reasons and I don’t want my automation systems to fail due to the rate limitations of the free tier.

The Tour!

Inside Zapier: Take a look at all those Zaps!

Below is a screenshot of my Zapier Dashboard where I have all my automation rules setup. Zapier calls these rules “Zaps”. You can see I’ve organized them into folders to keep a better understanding of my workflows.

Twitter Automation through Zapier

Let’s take a look at the Zaps inside the Twitter folder I created for our @inboundnow account.  You can see I have two rules, both essentially doing the same thing but one targets new products and the other targets new blog posts. In the next series of screenshots I’ll show how this targeting system is setup.

Next lets take a deeper look into our zap title “RSS to Twitter Photo Post”:

Setting up the Zap:  Slideshow


The End Result: An example of a generated tweet

Looks good doesn’t it? Zapier auto-published this tweet for us shortly after publishing the below post to WordPress.


FaceBook Page Automation through Zapier

Here are  our rules inside the FaceBook folder:

Lets take a deeper look into our zap titled “RSS to FaceBook Page”:

Setting up the Zap:  Slideshow

The End Result: An example of an automated FB status update:

Looks good doesn’t it?

LinkedIn Automation through Zapier

Because LinkedIn is a professional networking community I send company status updates to my personal page and Inbound Now’s company page. You can see I’m targeting all blog posts as well as my eCommerce product pages. Once again, all rules are powered by WordPress’s diverse RSS Feeds endpoints.

Lets take a deeper look into our zap titled “RSS to LinkedIn – Company Page”:

Setting up the Zap:  Slideshow


The End Result: A beautiful company status update:

They look good don’t they?

Concluding The Tour

There we have it folks; a quick insight into Inbound Now’s social marketing automation systems powered by Zapier. I sincerely hope this helps someone improve their systems. Of course Zapier is not the only service/tool-suite for social automation, but to date, they are my favorite.

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About the Author:
Cheers! Hudson Atwell is a co-founder and current administrator of Inbound Now. Consider hiring him through the Agency or connecting with him professionally through LinkedIn.

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