Setting up Inbound Pro to send new post email notifications

Post written by Hudson Atwell
On Thursday, March 16th, 2017

In our latest release we added support new post notification emails. It’s something we’ve wanted  for awhile and finally built it into Inbound Pro.

Step 1. Creating an Automation Email

Inbound Pro’s email component supports two types of email. Batch emails, which you can craft and send to your lists manually, and automatic emails that are meant to be powered by marketing automation rules. Today we’ll be creating an automatic email that will help send our newsletter list a notification that a new post has been published.

Select ‘new post notification’ email template

Here take a look at the screenshots below to get a feel of what it is like to create the email template we’ll be using to send new content email notifications.

Let’s select a template we know is made for this type of work. How about our ‘New Post Notification’ template?

After selecting our template we should switch the email type to ‘automation’. Luckily for us most of the email setup is already complete when just using the default settings.

Here is where we setup the main content area above the read more link. We’re encouraging others to use their post excerpt for this content.

In this tab we’re given a few setup areas that will help control our footer.

Here we see we can include a few more additional posts to the footer of the email to see if anything reaches our reader’s attention.

Now when we preview our email it should look something like this. And this is normal. We’ll need to head to a WordPress post to see what a true preview would look like.

Step 2. Previewing the template

Let’s head into a published WordPress post and find out how this template will behave for us. For this we’ll just open our last published post at the time this article is being written.

Here I’ve opened up recently published post and found my email preview button. And clicked it.

Now I see a popup that asks me what automated template I would like to preview this post with. I select the email I just created.

I’m then given a URL that will help me preview how this post looks as an email. I forgot to fill out an excerpt! Oh well. Next time. It still looks good.

Hey here’s a preview of what the reader would see in his email!

Now it’s time to setup automation.


Step 3. Creating our Automation Rule

If you have been reading a long and do not already know then it needs to be mentioned that our Email component we’ve been featuring above, as well as our Automation component are only available to paying subscribers. Inbound Now offers a lot for free, but it’s also important everyone improving and supporting Inbound Now makes a living. if you like what you see please consider viewing our pricing page and becoming a subscriber. Now onto building our marketing automation rule to power our emails.

Creating a new rule

When creating a new rule we’ll setup a Trigger and an Action. In the screenshot below we are setting the trigger to listen for newly published posts.

Next we’ll want to setup our Trigger Filters to only target blog posts. If we don’t do this than all kinds of content might make it’s way through, depending on how many post types your WordPress site has.

Here in the next screenshot below we are setting up our rule’s actions. Just to be safe I’ve added a 30 minute window before the new post notification is sent to my newsletter lead list.

After we click save our rule is created. If we head back into our rules’ listing page then we can see our newly created rule and enable/disable it.

Remember setting up the 30 minute wait action above? After we publish a draft post we’ll now have 30 minutes to cancel our email by using the link below.


Now we are setup.

Now that our rule is setup, whenever we publish a new post it will send an email notification.

This feature is very new, and I’m very excited to test it out.

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About the Author:
Cheers! Hudson Atwell is a co-founder and current administrator of Inbound Now. Consider hiring him through the Agency or connecting with him professionally through LinkedIn.

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