What Should your CTAs Look Like this Holiday Season?

Post written by Megan Dennis
On Friday, November 16th, 2018

The blessings of the holiday season

The holiday seasons are a gift to families, friends and shop owners.  Have you thought about decorating your call to actions to match the spirit of the season? Showing your readers that you share in their spirit  is a great way to get them to notice you.

We’ll go over a few ways your designs could change along with your readers along with the seasons.


Tip 1: Color pallet

Consider using color pallets that fall in line with the Fall season such as deep browns, browns, beiges and oranges.

Tip 2: Shapes

Calls to Action that already make use of circular shapes could replace circles with pumpkins. Price ribbons could be replaced with bats with the price added over them.

Tip 3:  Delivery

Spooky graphics paired with spooky phrases will entertain your reader and lighten the reader’s role in your engagement.

Below Topman provides a great example of the Halloween spirit in a CTA:


The whole page from Elemantor is quite striking and fun:



Tip 1: Color pallet

Like Halloween Thanksgiving is a Fall holiday Go for a more warmer color palette with crisper and sharper colors that fit in with the Autumn season.

Tip 2: Shapes

When it comes to graphical accents consider using turkeys, maple leaves, and cornucopias

Tip 3: Delivery

Maybe pair festive graphics with sentiments of what visitors might be thankful for… such as a reuniting with family… or a warm meal.


Fall Season:

The below example from Offer Factor’s homepage shows good use of warm autumn tones and a fun photograph; the graphics and design are sure to make young users want to buy from the website.


Christmas – The biggest Q4 Holiday

Tip 1: Color pallet

Christmas provides a great opportunity to use whites, light blues, royal blues, golds, reds and greens.

Tip 2: Shapes

There’s no shortage of cultural accents you can choose from when it comes to selecting helper graphics. Snowpeople! Holly, mistletoe, Santa… elves… candy canes… and lots and lots of presents! Christmas season has tons of culture to pull from and you’ll find that there’re many themes to choose from.

Tip 3: Delivery

“It’s beginning to look a lot like… a FIRE SALE!”.  It may make your engagement more powerful if you source Christmas themes from movies and television in popular culture. Christmas songs are playing in every mall across the country during this time of year so song lyrics make for great meme phrases.

We found and good example of creative Christmas marketing below. It goes to show you how much opportunity is a:

Amazon.com has their yearly ’12 Days of Deals’ event with each day devoted to a particular category. Each day of the 12 days represents a new opportunity for Amazon to reveal a deal. You could do something similar to your site’s calls to action.

Another way to get into the spirit:


We hope you enjoyed this light reading!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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Megan Dennis is a passionate blogger at PNC Digital, an Orlando based digital marketing agency. She specializes in SEO and SEM techniques. Follow @megandennis07 for more updates.

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