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Post written by Hudson Atwell
On Thursday, April 6th, 2017

Latest Additions

Expanded statistics for Email Component

Since the release of our Inbound Anlaytics component we’ve had our eye on turning our email stat figures into expandable popups for greater insight. With the recent help of our asset developer Matt Bissett we’ve added this in for our Inbound Pro subscribers.

Revision support for Landing Pages

In order to enable revisions site wide please make sure this PHP constant is set to true inside your wp-config.php.

define( ‘WP_POST_REVISIONS’, true );

I’ve personally had a little trouble getting them turned on over here at wpengine using the method below. I had to remember that revisions would only show after I began saving content. It should be noted that WPEngine says turning on revisions could mean a loss in performance.  I’m going to keep them off for Inbound Now.

PHP7 compatibility for Inbound Automation

There was an issue where using a depreciated PHP function was causing automated emails not to send for those on a PHP7 server.

Disable Inbound Pro for Single Page – Debugging tool

It’s come to my attention that sometimes new plugin conflicts arise unexpectedly and Inbound Pro might need to be disabled on a specific page without having the entire platform turned off. For cases like these I’ve added a new debug tool in our top-admin-dropdown toolbar. Take a look:

WooCommerce 3.0 Compatibility

One of the assets we included was an older version of the select2 class that conflicted with WooCommerce 3.0’s newer version. We updated our Select2 assets to the latest version to prevent the conflict.

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Cheers! Hudson Atwell is a co-founder and current administrator of Inbound Now. Consider hiring him through the Codeable.io Agency or connecting with him professionally through LinkedIn.

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