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Post written by Hudson Atwell
On Monday, March 20th, 2017

Latest Additions

Inbound Analytics – Partially opened up to free users.

Inbound Pro free users now can see our Inbound Analytics stats, but cannot view the expanded data in an effort to increase subscriptions while showing the true prowess of Inbound Now.

Content Click Tracking – Inbound Analytics

Now any link inside of content can be tracked by Inbound Pro, giving users even more insightful power.

Lead list performance widget

We added a new dashboard widget that helps us monitor lead list performance levels. If you have many lists then this widget can bog down your dashboard loading speed time, so we recommend choosing which lists to monitor:

Empty API Key notifications – Inbound Pro Settings

When users first install Inbound Pro they might not know that software updates and feature unlocking can only happen after our API Key is setup. We now prompt users who have not setup their API Key to head to their Inbound Pro settings key and enter in their API Key.

Field Mapping setup now more visible. – Inbound Forms

This has needed to happen for awhile. Now field mapping setup is a basic setting, rather than an advanced setting, which means you will save time setting up our forms.

Field mapping is mandatory, and now it’s easier to see and easier to setup.

Add tags on form submission – Inbound Forms

For the longest time we could tell our forms to add submitters to lead lists and now we’ve also added the ability to tag leads at the form submission level as well.

Datepicker field type now working for FireFox

Below I’m just showing you which field type is affected and what the picker looks like.


Add Media Button fix for Inbound Pro free users – Landing Pages

Many of Inbound Now plugins make use of the Advanced Custom Fields plugin that we include with our software. Subscribers load ACF5 while free users load ACF4. ACF4 was updated to fix an issue where the media uploader button was only being added to the last occurrence of a WYSIWG editor.

Marketing Automation now supports ‘new post to email’ notifications. – Email & Automation

It has always been a goal to automate this capability into Inbound Pro and it’s finally been added in. I recently wrote a tutorial on how to setup new post email notifications that will be very informative if you are interested in setting this up.

New Post Notification email template – Email & Automation

It made sense that if Inbound Pro was going to support automatic email notification then we’d need to ship an email template that was designed for it to give others an idea how the framework should work in case they wanted to fork the email template and make it their own.

Thumbnail of the new email template

Template Demo: https://www.inboundnow.com/mail/new-post-notification-inbound-pro/?post_id=253775


SPF domain verification requirement removed for SparkPost email setup. – Email & Automation

SparkPost recently retired their SPF domain verification requirements. So we removed status readouts related to SPF domain verification in our Settings page.

Take a peek inside the Inbound Pro – > Settings area where we setup our email component.

Support for tel: and mailto: inside CTA templates

Calls to Actions were having a problem with tel: and mailto: links not tracking correctly. This has been fixed.

Better lead detection when readers click tracked email link

Because we use cookies to know who people are we sometimes lose connections when a reader’s browser is closed or when they use a different device to access our site. Now if a reader clicks a tracked email link we will detect their lead id in the tracked data and re-cookie them so the rest of their browsing experienced is also tracked.

Muting leads from receiving any automation emails

As Inbound now’s email and automation tools are still young in development there might be an instance where a user is having trouble unsubscribing from an email series. In these cases we want to give the administrator the ability to manually mute all automatic emails targeting a lead. In theory you should never have to use this but it is there in case faith is lost and a customer is angry.

What is next?

There is always tons to do here at Inbound Now. Up next you can look forward to improvements in stats reporting for Email, Landing Pages, and Calls to Action.

Thank you for supporting Inbound Now. Tell a friend about us!

About the Author:
Cheers! Hudson Atwell is a co-founder and current administrator of Inbound Now. Consider hiring him through the Codeable.io Agency or connecting with him professionally through LinkedIn.

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