How is WordPress still climbing the ladder of success?

Post written by Thomas Sujain
On Wednesday, June 14th, 2017

The Most Powerful CMS Today

WordPress is undoubtedly the most popular CMS platform today. When it started out in 2003, people related it to blogs only. Indeed, WordPress had the best infrastructure for blogs. Right now, millions of websites around the world use WordPress. It is a success story like no other. What started with multiple blogroll management has now grown into a multifarious CMS operation. It has the power to satisfy the need of millions of user all over the world.

Adopted by Major Players

Bloggers from around the world have always been in love with WordPress and its premium features. However, along with some of the top bloggers,companies like BBC America and Samsung have started relying on WordPress for their daily activities. This is possible because the developers managed to keep the bigger picture in their sight. Along with 76.5 million blogging sites, WordPress is now the ruler of the global content management system. It is ruling over 65% of the CMS market with casual dominance. It’s also exciting how WordPress is being used inside the United States Government.

These are just facts. They tell us who the leader is. They show their journey over the course of the last 14 years. However, we still keep asking, “Why is every website builder fawning over WordPress?”, “Why does every blogger go to WordPress for their umpteenth blog publication.” These are the kind of questions we will be addressing here, today.

Why is WordPress so popular?

Even kids who are getting their introductory courses of coding and website designing know of WordPress. Mommy bloggers, who are thinking of starting their new blog, know about WordPress. Even the baby boomers know about WordPress. This CMS platform is shaping generations of internet users. The question is why.

We might like to think of it as a mystery. Well, it is not. It is quite apparent if you think about it. WordPress is easily the most wholesome CMS experience you can get. Most veterans recommend it to the newbies. It is the most powerful content management software with amazing features including the ability to publish, edit, organize and maintain content from a centralized user interface.

You can also choose to call it a UI to a database that can store your images, videos, music, texts and contact details. The salient feature of this CMS is the ability to display it with panache. Just because you have much information, you do not need a clumsy representation. WordPress is quite the looker as well. You can power scores of different kinds of websites with WordPress. Here is a brief glimpse of the kind of sites

  • E-commerce
  • Blogs
  • Video websites and video blogs
  • Directory websites
  • Membership websites
  • Knowledgebase websites
  • Advertising websites
  • Question/answer forums
  • Service booking websites
  • Photography websites

The list is endless. If there is a type of website you can think of, WordPress can help you create it.

How does WordPress assist in the creation of these sites?

WordPress is an open source platform. This means thousands of people from all around the world are contributing core codes and themes consistently. WordPress is undergoing improvements as you are reading this article.

This CMS is improving and acquiring new features every day. Your demands and necessities have shaped the abilities of WP. There are millions of free, downloadable themes and templates. While a majority of these themes is for blog purposes, other categories mentioned above get a generous share of the contributors’ attention.

You can think of WP as a Lego. Like any Lego, you have all the necessary pieces you need. These are your images, videos, and texts. This is your data for the website. You can maintain your database using the easy management interface. You can organize and display this data as well, with the help of the themes and the templates WordPress currently offers.

Since it is an open source platform, there are thousands of helpful videos online that show how to create a WordPress website. You can learn how to use a template to build a website. Within a few minutes.

What does this powerful and popular CMS cost?

WordPress as a CMS will cost you next to nothing. If you are trying to create a website, you will need plugins to optimize its SEO, manage contact, add forms and add multiple features depending on the purpose of your site. For this, you will need plugins.

There are close to 50,000 plugins for WP sites, and not all of them are free. While some of the stellar plugins like Yoast for WordPress offers free functionalities, the premium versions cost decent money.

Even then, the cost of building a website using WordPress is next to nothing. You can create your site using templates and themes. You do not need to know coding for building a working site. This way, you can save on building costs.

Most WordPress themes have trial versions. Templates too come with trial versions that have limited features. If you want to unlock the complete versions and enjoy the functionalities, you need to pay some money to the developers. This is much lesser than what most website owners are paying to their website developing teams.

How does WordPress manage its databases?

WordPress has a very organized data management system. At the core of this highly functional CMS, PHP manages most of the queries and fetch. This makes the task incredibly easy for any DBA to manage a WordPress-based website. DBA consultants love WordPress because of its simplicity, amicable nature and organization options.

You will need a MySQL database first to install WordPress. You can manage all WordPress databases using phpMyAdmin. This is another open source web application,which offers a graphical UI for all MySQL database management. Your hosting provider should provide a phpMyAdmin access for you. Most do. Also for advanced users see NaviCat for Database Management.

DBAs are still in love with this CMS platform because of the curating functions it offers. Combined with the database backup and security plugins, WP is one of the best website management and content management systems website developers, and database admins have seen in a long time.

About the Author:
Sujain Thomas is the founder of a successful website development company. She leads a team of DBA consultants, who are serious about taking up challenges and managing databases for her business clients.

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