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On Tuesday, June 15th, 2021

A Calorie Calculator Plugin for WordPress

Are you looking for ways to inspire engagement with your business and, specifically, your website?

The first and foremost thing to do is to start talking to them about things from their circle of interest. If your target audience is into healthy dieting, sports or any other sector where what you eat matters a lot, try assisting them with their nutrition plan. Here’s what can help you – WP Calorie Calculator Pro, a WordPress plugin that can boost your online marketing.

What’s in it?

As the name suggests, WP Calorie Calculator Pro is a calorie calculation device that comes in handy for your site users. It comes with convenient settings functionality and is fully customizable – from the calculator form layout to every color of its interface. You can even let your users select their preferred calorie calculation formula.

WP Calorie Calculator Pro – Interface

This plugin works as a highly effective attention grabber and helps you convert that attention into a full-fledged client database. It’s easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. They want to find out their personalized calorie intake norm: they noticed this awesome calculator on your site and played around with it a bit.
  2. To receive the results, they provide their email in the calculator.
  3. The calculator helps you put that email to use with Mailchimp integration, and that’s where you begin your active brand conversation.

Neat and helpful, isn’t it?

Make calculating calories beneficial for everyone

The brilliance of this 3-step scenario is that it helps you attract many people to share their contacts without being phony. Those who are curious to calculate their daily calorie intake norm will most likely be interested in your services, too. This genuine curiosity puts people one step closer to be your customers.

With this and a thought-through emailing strategy, you’ll have your clients happy and attached to your brand.

Install and create

  1. Install the Pro version of the calorie counter plugin and activate your license.
  2. Create your first calculator – it comes as a Gutenberg block, which makes everything even handier. It can be one of the four templates available; you’ll also be able to save your templates for further use.
  3. Configure everything the way you find best. Select a formula for the calculation or let users select one themselves, set color and style properties to your liking and decide upon the suitable results display option.
  4. Put the calculator anywhere on your website where a shortcode fits. But choose wisely! Let it naturally fit in the user flow so that it catches the eye when and where it’s necessary and leads to the corresponding product selection or otherwise triggers a prompt to make a relevant purchase. That works best with instant results display.

WP Calorie Calculator Pro – Settings

Collect and use

If you configure the calorie calculator plugin to send results via email, you’ll be receiving the emails of the plugin users. Here’s where Mailchimp integration comes into play!

WP Calorie Calculator Pro – Mailchimp for marketing

This is a great way to start reaching out to your customers and build an even more vivid brand image. And you know you’ll be mailing to those willing to willing to know more on the topic because they used the calculator. Without tricking anyone into anything, you’ll get the opportunity to tell more about your business.

WP Calorie Calculator Pro – Email form

And there’s more!

We made the WordPress Calorie Calculator Pro plugin convenient not only for users but for site admins as well. The plugin provides a neat and perfectly comprehensible Settings page, from which you can set new configurations to an already existing calculator – right, without having to create another one. Of course, if you’d like to, you can – there are no limits on the number of calculators for a site.

Besides, updating will also be effortless for you: once an update is out, you’ll be able to do it with just a click on your admin dashboard.

Coming soon

The next release will provide even more awesome things! The calorie calculators will become even more flexible: you’ll be able to change the titles and descriptions of the fields, move them around and customize everything further.

We’re also adding the nutrients calculation functionality so that the calorie calculator shows a breakdown of a calorie norm – proteins, fats and carbs. Along with that, there will definitely be more useful integrations – you’ll love it!

WP Calorie Calculator Pro – Planned updates timeline

If you have something in mind regarding what you’d like to see in WP Calorie Calculator Pro for WordPress, don’t be bashful and tell us! We left the feedback form on our homepage so that you could share your thoughts and ideas. We’d be happy to amp up your experience with our plugin!

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