4 Dead Simple Tips to Improve Conversion Rates During Check Out

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On Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

It is really sad that many customers abandon online shopping on the checkout page.

If you are able to improve the conversion rate at checkout page successfully, you can ensure that you are moving towards success.

There can be many reasons for this conversion rate drop out from a customerís perspective.

If you identify those reasons correctly, then you can try methods to improve conversion rate.

1. Simple and efficient checkout process

Customer should be able to complete checkout process very easily and quickly. The design and layout should be done with this objective. It is better to allow customers to complete checkout process within a single form, rather than clicking too many buttons and visiting too many pages. Studies show that as the number of clicks to checkout increases, the chances for the customer to abandon the shopping increase. A checkout button should be easily visible so that customer does not have to spend time to find the button. It should also be easy for a customer to keep shopping without losing their cart details. If they need to reenter details, chances are increased that you will lose that customer. Reduce distractions during checkout as well by not cluttering the page with other information. The simpler the checkout, the more likely the customer is to complete it.

2. Provide maximum payment and shipping options

If your customer does not want to hand over his credit card details have other options, like PayPal. If a client find out on the checkout page that there is no alternative to credit card, they will abandon the checkout. Make sure these questions are addressed on the FAQ page, and it helps to have a footer which details the payment methods accepted. You should support the maximum online payment services to increase the conversion rate. Similarly, customers should be able to choose a shipping option quickly without getting confused. Make it very easy to see which shipping option offers what and costs how much. You can offer free shipping if he purchases above a certain amount.

3. Listen to your customers

If you have the email details of customers who abandoned their shopping cart, try to get in touch with them and understand the reasons why the made that decision. If they are not satisfied with any of your ecommerce services, you should address those issues in particular, which will benefit you in the long term. You can make use of a company blog to interact with your customers. Always be ready to learn from them as it will help to build reliability and satisfaction.

4. Encourage customers abandoning checkout to continue

Use pop ups or other methods to ensure that they have decided to leave purposefully. Sometimes customers will close a window without realizing it, and a visual reminder that they are leaving the store without completing checkout can stop them.

Richard has been blogging about ecommerce and conversion optimisation for a couple of years and has published numerous articles on the topic. Aside from blogging, Richard is a Magento ecommerce specialist and and online marketing consultant.

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