5 WordPress Plugins That Will Speed Up Your Site

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On Monday, April 22nd, 2013

Millions of companies and individuals around the world turn to WordPress to launch their place in cyberspace. One of the main reasons why WordPress is so incredibly popular is the ability to quickly and easily add plugins to make your website do pretty much anything you want.

Having too many plugins going at once can cause your site to slow down and can interfere with user experience, but the right plugins can do quite the opposite. Here are our top five.

WP Super Cache

There are a few similar plugins out there, but this is one of the best of its kind. WP Super Cache can significantly speed up the loading time of your website by generating static HTML files that are served through Apache without the need to process heavier and more expensive PHP scripts.

WP Super Cache works best when your server is underpowered and you have higher than normal traffic. The static HTML files will show up for users who are not logged in, have not left a comment on your blog and have not viewed a password protected page. The plugin developers say that this will account for around 99 per cent of visitors.

WP Minify

Just as with WP Super Cache, WP Minify drastically reduces the loading time of your web pages, just in a different way. Once activated, the plugin works by grabbing all of the JavaScript and CSS files and then combining and compressing them through the Minify engine.

WP Minify is easily integrated into your WordPress site and has a range of cool features, including debugging tools and the ability to exclude certain JS and CSS files.

Plugin Organizer

Plugins are notorious for slowing down WordPress sites. Not all plugins are needed on every page of a website, which is where Plugin Organizer comes in.

Giving you the ability to selectively choose which plugins are enabled or disabled on individual web pages, Plugin Organizer speeds up your site by preventing it from using unnecessary bandwidth.

It is also handy if you have two plugins that conflict with each other, which is very common. You can simply activate the plugin on the page it needs to be used.

WP Database Optimizer

Almost everyone has played around with dozens of plugins or put up test posts – but even after you’ve deleted them, they still linger and can cause your site to get clogged up.

Most people don’t routinely clean out their site’s database, so all of this past information just builds up. Every deleted entry is an added entry into the database.

WP Database Optimizer does the hard work for you by performing scheduled database optimisation at a time set by you. Simply choose how often you want it to do a clean-out.

JS & CSS Script Optimizer

Working in a similar manner to Minify, the JS & CSS Script Optimizer packs and groups JavaScript and CSS files to speed up the loading time of your website.

The plugin has a range of features, including being able to combine several scripts into a single file, which helps minimise http requests. It can also pack CSS files, removing comments, tabs and spaces to rapidly decrease the file’s size and speed up your site.

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