6 benefits of using a Twitter scheduling tool

Post written by audreythrone
On Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017

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Twitter’s true effectiveness lies in being able to engage audiences. It is a great platform for a wide variety of people and purposes, from humorists to reporters, from common folk to celebrities.

And businesses can use it for all these purposes. Twitter can be used for humor to make a company appear personable, to post news stories to appear caring, to share celebrations of employees to look human, and for brand endorsement by celebrities.

There are several tools that can be used with Twitter, many of which allow scheduled tweets through which it is possible for companies to post at the best times to reach followers and engage with them in real time. Being able to schedule tweets can be invaluable for a business. Here is why:

1) Improved visibility


Source: Follows

The more you tweet, the more your Twitter handle and content becomes visible. It is simple math. Of course, we are not talking about inundating your followers with tweets till they turn off their ringers to stop the sound of repeated pings, or worst, stop following you. A lot of people catch up on blogs and other online content first thing in the morning, in which case it is easy to flood Twitter timelines by sharing links to articles and posts.

By using a Twitter scheduling tool, you can spread out your tweets throughout the day, making them an interesting look-forward-to stream of messages rather than a torrential rain of information.

Regardless of whether you are around or not, scheduling helps keep your Twitter profile fresh and active. You could use some of your less engaging content as a filler to be posted via scheduling. However, you need to ensure that you have at least one strong tweet per day; it is the minimum level of activity required to keep your target audience engaged and interested.

By creating original content for tweets and sharing it as a social stream throughout the day, you grow your position as a thought leader in your niche. However, a good content strategy also includes supplementing your content with relevant and interesting content from others that is new to your audience. More content means more updates and hence more visibility.

Interestingly, another way to improve your visibility is to keep your tweets under 110 characters. Tweets shorter than 110 characters get 17% higher engagement because when you leave room in a tweet, it makes it easier for people to retweet you and add their own commentary, hence making your brand more visible. Using images can get you 150% increase in retweets.

Short tweets, with images promoting original content, as well as related content of others, at timely intervals throughout the day are a great way to use your Twitter scheduling tool to increase visibility.

2) Drive traffic

You have devoted time to your content and now want to drive as much traffic to it as possible. One great way is to share your content more than once on Twitter. Sharing repeatedly is probably an essential part of providing your audience with value that they expect you to provide because unless you don’t share your links more than once, chances are that your audience may never see your updates.

Google now shows tweets in its search results so your links gain a wider visibility. Though these links are no-follow, you can still gain more viewership by accompanying the links with properly researched keywords that explain the link. Posting those links more than once will increase visibility and drive traffic.

One of the beauties of Twitter is that you can reword the same message and send it out multiple times. For example, take this blog post. If I want to drive traffic to it I could tweet the link to it three times using the following variations of the title:

  • Do you know why you should use a twitter scheduling tool?
  • Learn how to make the most of your tweets
  • How and why you should tweet throughout the day

I could probably come up with a dozen variations of the title but that would be overkill. The way to do this though is to word it in a way that those who have seen it know it’s the same subject but do not feel that your business is parroting itself.

If you are looking to drive traffic to your site, findings indicate that the best times to tweet for click-throughs are early afternoons, from Monday to Thursday. Audiences that are targeted during lunch breaks or those that are looking for something to occupy them on the commute home from work should opt for tweeting at noon and 6pm to drive traffic optimally.

Another way you could drive traffic to your website is by linking your blogging calendar to your Twitter scheduling tool. This way every time you put out a great blog, your Twitter account will promote it throughout the day or week.

3) Stronger brand voice

Source: The Times

Do you know what image you have built for the company? Is it traditional or modern? Serious or goofy? Do you like to troll your competition on social media or do you want to come across as caring for the environment?

Though you may want to use a combination of various styles, using the different styles haphazardly may make your company seem lost or silly. For example, in the morning you tweet about environment concerns or oil spills in strong moving language and by noon you are poking fun at your competition. It makes your appear flippant, non-caring, and non-serious.

Especially in the case of tweeting on behalf of younger companies, many marketers struggle to pinpoint their brand’s voice. It could be fun and flirty, or slick and professional or friendly and approachable. The choices are fairly endless but not all are compatible with one another.

Using a scheduling tool for Twitter forces you to develop an in-depth understanding of what your brand voice should be, making it stronger. When you are using a scheduling tool, you may for instance set aside a few hours on a Monday morning writing and organizing your tweets for the week. The hours you spend composing your tweets is the time you spent crafting your brand’s voice

Since you are scheduling tweets, you are not just haphazardly posting something on Twitter at the last minute just to make sure you have posted something that day. While planning, you will pay attention to the content you plan to post and its tone and hence will be able to form your brand’s personality. Seeing 10, 20 or more tweets all together will give you a better understanding of what you want your brand image to be rather than posting randomly one tweet at a time.

4) Creative flow

Once you have an idea of what you brand voice is like, you are in the zone of creative flow. You may think that scheduling content makes it repetitive, while killing creativity and spontaneity. But that’s not true.

No artist picked up a brush occasionally, or once a day, to create and finish a master piece. Instead, they took up a project and devoted all their time to it till it was a polished gem.

Though at times you may get brilliant impulses, on the whole, scheduling allows you to be more creative than writing on the fly. This is because if you are composing several tweets at once, you are a lot less likely to repeat yourself. With everything laid out in front of you, repetitive tweets stick out like a sore thumb. However, when you tweet as you go, you may not remember that you had this same smart idea last month, or even last week.

By putting your pen to a paper and devoting time to the task for a block of time, you let yourself get into the creative zone. You become focused and dedicated to crafting content that is linked, related, relevant, interesting and projects the appropriate brand image.

5) Tweeting times

If you have a global voice, you need to hit multiple time zones with your tweets. This really depends on how far reaching you want your tweets to be. If your target market is your own backyard than you may not feel the need to send out a tweet at 2 am when the sun has risen in some other part of the globe.

However, if you have followers all over the globe, which is becoming the case for many organizations, scheduling your tweets allows you to reach them when they are most likely to be online even if you are tucked away comfortably in your bed.

Even if your target market is the US alone and not the backwaters of China, there are two times zones to aim for when planning your tweets. 48% of USA’s population is in the Eastern time zone and 33% of its population is in the Central time zone so together, they account for more than 80% of America’s population. It is these two time zones that you need to concentrate on. Having said that, local businesses that are on the West Coast still need to connect with their audience in their time zone, regardless of the fact that East Coast has the larger population.

Other than time zones, the nature of your target market also influences your tweeting times. For example, if you want to target college students than tweeting during class hours will mean that most of your tweets are being missed. Similarly, if your clients and potential clients do not work on computers during typical business hours (such as medical professionals, car salespeople, hair stylists) that you would want to tweet during their lunch and after work hours to reach out to them.

Keeping the tweeting times straight can be quite a challenge if you are catering to different markets. A Twitter scheduling tool allows you to overcome this hurdle and organize your tweets so that you can approach all your target audiences throughout the day.

6) De-stress

No matter how witty or smart you are, you cannot come up with amazing, pithy, insightful, or funny tweets every few hours. It is like you are a stand-up comedian who is on-stage all day. Eventually, you will run out of things to talk and joke about.

However, the benefit of scheduling is that you can block out a chunk of time on your calendar a week, give full reign to your creativity, come up with a load of great as well as filler tweets when you are in the rhythm, and be done for the next 7 days.

Source: Salesmate via Twitter

Knowing what new features your product has or what deals you are offering this week can make composing informative tweets easier. For instance, assume your CRM pipeline management software provides an additional functionality of allowing you to use your first name, or last name, or both in your email templates. You can schedule multiple tweets informing your consumers and potential consumers of this, linking it back to your website.

Not having to frantically search for interesting blog posts, infographics, or face writer’s block under the pressure of having to get something out of the door right now, allows you to breathe freely, relax and de-stress as far as your Twitter account is concerned. Content in your knowledge that your Twitter account is fully loaded, you can concentrate on other aspects of your business like taking care of your vendors, lead conversion, payroll and HR issues.

No one can be on Twitter all the time. However, by using a scheduling tool, you can stay engaged with your target audience throughout the day, regardless of the time difference. Scheduling allows you to generate more creative content, increase your visibility, find your brand voice, and help with your organizing skills so that you can concentrate on different aspects of your business.

About the Author:
Audrey Throne is a mother of a 2-year old and a professional blogger by choice. Throne is passionate about health, technology and management and blogs frequently on these topics.

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