7 Killer Ways Landing Pages Benefit & Market Your Business.

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On Thursday, August 1st, 2013

landing-page-iconLanding pages are the “end-all-be-all” of new visitor acquisition.

A good landing page is clear, concise and holds the hands of visitors to set points.

A poor landing page is an unappealing information overload.

Think of it like this: your landing page should be like a vortex!

Oli Gardner of Unbounce says, “Landing pages are a focused and customized sales pitch specifically designed to get your visitor to take an action.”

Below are 7 benefits from leveraging Landing Pages to market your business.

1.    Conversion funnel paths directly impact your goals. For example, if your business goal is to sell your new book, landing pages can be crafted to specifically compliment that purpose. Business goals include getting visitors to sign up, fill out information, press buttons like ‘subscribe’ and ‘share’, click-through to buy products, and simply influence brand image. One of the greatest resources out there right now is 100 website case studies for conversions by KISSmetrics.

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, vortex-esque landing pages will be one the primary business goal achievers. Some examples of unique industry landing pages include:

Pay attention to the placement of funnel paths, such as information seeking at Empire-CAT, product search/large image/videos below the fold for CJ Pony Parts, and a demo video with CTA beneath for CrazyEgg.

2.    Logging user information is a quick and efficient way to directly influence campaigns, research projects, product creation, future sales, and customer service initiatives. By optimizing landing pages to fill out quick info forms, we can analyze the data to determine factors about our audience, such as demographics and social preferences.

3.    Advertising efforts can be measured efficiently with carefully planned landing pages. By using tools like Google Analytics, Adsense, and built-in WordPress plugins, we can track the effectiveness of our campaigns. Extra benefits of landing page advertising include:

  • Higher paid placement
  • Higher click through rates
  • Larger room for creativity and testing
  • Immediate results

4.    Anticipation for startups and new products can be fostered with a “Coming Soon Page” or “Countdown” style landing page. Zero programming/design skills are needed as layouts and themes are prebuilt for our convenience. To the degree of uniqueness, it can’t hurt to benchmark anticipation landing pages from large brands or startups.

5.    A/B testing lets us create multiple landing pages and track which performs best. The goal of A/B testing is to experiment with different content to increase goal completions/conversions. Some examples include:

  • Videos vs. Hi-res pictures
  • Different copywriting styles
  • Varied action words
  • Switching buttons
  • Reducing purchase barriers
  • Increasing CTR

6.    Eye tracking technology allows us substantially amp up our landing pages by showing us exactly where users click and how much time they spend looking at particular sections. We can base our design changes safely, knowing exactly where conversions are being missed and best opportunities for lead generation.

Another bonus of eye tracking, is determining whether people actually care about the things we want them to. For example, most landing pages carry a theme involving an industry problem, then presenting their product as the ultimate solution. If we notice visitors aren’t paying attention to the problem or the solution, we know a change is necessary.

Landing pages that capitalize on eye tracking data will always beat out their competitors.

7.    Colors and the psychology behind them have been proven time and time again to directly influence sales. Whether it’s forcing an impulse buy or establishing a sense of security, choosing the right colors may be the change that either makes or breaks your landing page. Fortunately, we can use A/B testing (as described above) to figure out which colors our visitors prefer.


TheMarketingBit has a nice infographic detailing information on landing page colors and tips.

Thanks for reading.

Have additional benefits and tips for landing pages? Please feel free to share below.

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