March 22 2017 News

Warming up to WordPress Calypso

A look into WordPress Calypso as we try to understand what it is and how we should adapt to it.

March 20 2017 Annoucements

What’s new in Inbound Pro release

Inbound Now is proud to review the latest feature enhancements found in Inbound Pro Thank you for being an Inbound Now subscriber!

March 16 2017 Annoucements

Setting up Inbound Pro to send new post email notifications

In our latest Inbound Pro release we added support for automatically emailing lead lists when a new post is published. It’s something we’ve naturally wanted to have for awhile and finally got around to building it into our system. In this article I show you exactly how we’ve done it with Inbound Now.

March 13 2017 Blogging

Umar Khan’s Tips for getting started with monetization

Previously, blogging seemed to be just another hobby for people, however with times, the concept has changed and blogging has turned out to be one ... continue reading

February 27 2017 Extensions

Using Zapier + Inbound Now to send leads from one WordPress site to another.

In this article we show how we collect leads from a remote WordPress site using Inbound Now and send them here to our site.

February 23 2017 Design

The HTML5 Semantic Elements and What They Mean For SEO

Having a semantically coded site or landing page that adheres to all HTML5 guidelines could be the extra push your site needs to boost rankings ... continue reading

February 22 2017 Design

How to Make Sure Your WordPress Template is HTML5 Ready

If you aren’t a developer or a designer, you might feel intimidated by your WordPress template – especially if you want a HTML5 ready template ... continue reading

enterprise mobile apps
February 16 2017 SEO

Optimize your business to serve mobile consumers

Running a successful business is a multi-faceted task. At any one point, you need to pay attention to a hundred different aspects of your ... continue reading

February 16 2017 Conversion Optimization

Cindy Parker’s Tips For Improving Conversion Rates Of Your Landing Page

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, only 47 per cent of all medium-sized businesses in the country have an online presence, and although ... continue reading

February 12 2017 Annoucements

What’s new in Inbound Pro

Inbound Pro Core:
Timeouts when loading available extensions and templates
Some users have been experiencing timeouts when collecting data about available templates and extensions from ... continue reading

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