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On Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

grow-twitter-followers“How do I get Twitter followers?” is a pretty commonly asked question in the social media marketing realm.

According to a recent search for ‘Twitter’ in Google Adwords Keyword Research tool, a massive 550,000 Twitter users are searching for the answer to this elusive question every month!

Not surprising really considering it’s the first step in building your Twitter community is acquiring targeted Twitter followers.

Unfortunately, it seems many of you are buying Twitter followers in a bid to increase your followers quickly.

I’m here to let you know you don’t have to resort to this (And keep in mind, most of which are fake accounts!).

Growing your Twitter followers doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. There are many tools on the market tools on the market to help you get more Twitter followers fast. I’ve detailed 2 helpful Twitter follow tools I’ve come across.


Tweepi contains the basic functions you need to manage your Twitter followers easily. With this nifty tool you can discover:

  1. Who is reciprocating (following you back)
  2. Who isn’t following you back
  3. When users last tweeted
  4. Other stats including how active they are

This makes it easy for you to determine if you want to follow/unfollow the user or not based on existing connections.

You can also reach out to new Twitter users using Tweepi.

The simplest way to discover new Twitter followers is to follow those with similar interest to you. Tweepi lets you do this by following someone’s Twitter followers or friends.

For example, I could follow followers of Techcrunch who are likely to be interested in tech news as well. Tweepi will generate a list of Twitter users who follow Techcrunch, displaying additional information such when they last tweeted, Klout score, number of tweets and the number of followers. You can also click on the ‘I’ icon to find more profile information on each user.

You can also follow those under a Twitter lists another user has created. Tweepi will then display users in a table format with additional profile information, making it much quicker and more detailed than the Twitter client.

As you can see, Tweepi makes the task of discovering new Twitter followers an easy and efficient task.


SocialMotus is a social management platform with built in Twitter follower tools. Like Tweepi it allows you to manage your followers by reciprocating, following users back and so on. As it is a full platform, you can engage with the user directly through the discover leads interface.

SocialMotus differs from most Twitter follow tools as it generates a list of much more targeted Twitter followers.

SocialMotus helps you discover these users through the ‘Discover Leads’ function. It contains the standard Twitter follow tool generating a list of users to follow based on keywords in their Twitter bio and tweets.

But more importantly, it lets you:

  1. Find users who follow someone similar to you
  2. Find list owners who have added someone similar to you to their Twitter lists
  3. Find users who retweet someone similar to you.

These help you achieve additional benefits over following random users.

For example, if I search for @SocialMotus, it will show a list of users who have added @SocialMotus to their list. If the user has added @SocialMotus to their list titled ‘social media’, you know these  people interested in social media content and are looking for experts who tweet information about this area. If you also tweeted about social media related content, you would want to follow these users as they would be more likely to be interested in you and add you to their lists as well.

The results are shown to you in a simple, easy to understand interface.

Using the ‘Find List Owners’ option, we not only grew our Twitter followers, we got added to twice as many Twitter lists as competitors (More information here).

As you can see from the Twitter follow tools above, finding targeted Twitter followers fast isn’t a difficult task. And you certainly never need to resort to buying Twitter followers to build a large community quickly.

Simply use one of the 2 tools I’ve mentioned above and you’ll discover Twitter followers who are actually interested in what you tweet, and be on your way to building a thriving community in no time.

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Siv Rauv is a Marketing Executive at SocialMotus, a free social management tool helping you get more followers on Twitter fast, effectively manage your social communities, monitor your brand and competitors, analyze your social progress and more. Now you have everything you need to build engaged social communities for your brand without the high price tag.

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This post was generously written by a guest contributor! For opportunities to guest post please reach out to us through our Twitter account @inboundnow

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