How to Boost Sales – 7 Tips to Create Urgency

Post written by Rameez Ramzan
On Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018

How to Boost Sales - 7 Tips to Create Urgency

How many times did people add products to the cart, but did not complete the purchase? How many times during a negotiation you are confident of the sale, but the customers ask for more time? How many times have your marketing campaigns received tremendous feedback but couldn’t generate enough sales?

It happens all the time in businesses because the marketing efforts are not directed towards communicating the urgency of purchase to customers. People feel the product will be around and they can get it later or that even if it finishes, there are options available in the market. Customers need to know that the product is valuable, limited and worth buying right now.

‘Sales are contingent upon the attitude of the salesman – not the attitude of the prospect’ – W. Clement Stone

This article explores some interesting and simple techniques to boost your sales by creating urgency for the customers.

Convey Deadlines

Customers will purchase products immediately knowing that they wouldn’t find it later. For example, if a product you consume is available in all stores, you’d get one piece at a time but purchase in bulk if the product is a limited edition. Therefore, let customers know that a product is available in limited quantities, is available for a limited time, won’t be available after a particular day or to purchase in a specific time.

This makes people want to make the purchase, to make sure that they don’t miss the opportunity.

Some great sales pitches include:

  • Available till June X
  • Order within 20 hours 5 minutes 3 seconds
  • Avail the offer before it ends
  • Weekend sale

Give Reasons to Read the Email

Email marketing has really taken a pace from the last few years, and you will find hundreds of emails pushing products. The abundance of marketing emails discourages people from opening the emails that hint a marketing pitch. Therefore, they need to be motivated through the subject of the email.

The email subject allows just a few words and must be well-thought. Would you open an email that says Sale Alert or Flat 30% on Your Next Purchase!

Your subject should encourage the user to open the email and notice it when scrolling through the mailbox. Also, curiosity is the key to a great marketing campaign. Don’t let customers know everything in the subject because if they are not aiming for a relevant purchase, they won’t open the email. Try saying ‘How about saving $20 right now?’

Give an Impression of Scarcity

‘Praise, like gold and diamonds, owes its value only to its scarcity’ – Samuel Johnson

We all want to have things that are rare. An impression of scarcity is a great technique to boost sales, as people think a product that is selling fast is definitely worth an immediate purchase. Let customers know only a few pieces are left, and the stock is finishing soon. This adds credibility to your product because people are eager to buy it.

Use Words that Reflect Urgency

Marketing and sales are all about conveying the messages effectively. Using the right words is essential to make customers realize the urgency.

Here are some lines that could be transformed by using useful words!

  • Avail 20% discount Vs. Hurry Up! Enjoy 20% discount
  • Grab your favorite items Vs. Grab your favorite items now
  • Buy the best quality shoes at discounted prices Vs. Don’t miss out on the best quality shoes at discounted prices
  • Sale Alert! Vs. Season clearance sale at you nearest stores right now

Choose Colors Carefully

Have you ever wondered why all checkout and other actions are red? Because red, green, orange and different warm colors reflect urgency and attention. Every time an error occurs when filling a form, a red line pops to draw the attention of the user.

Use warm colors in your campaigns, whether in stores or online. It will help draw the attention of the customers passing by or scrolling through online. Psychology says that red denotes threat and urgency; therefore, can be utilized effectively in the marketing messages. Some stores go over-board with red flags around the store, but it makes the customers feel the need to go in and explore the shelves.

Offer an Incentive

A useful technique is to offer incentives based on how quickly the product is purchased, such as early bird discounts. If customers receive an incentive to buy earlier, why wouldn’t they?

However, this works well when combined with another technique. For example, you may want to offer an extra 10% discount to the first ten customers, besides the usual 25% off.

Quote Number

Including numbers in the communication messages will help grab the attention of people quickly. For example, who wants to miss up to 70% of sale?

Just announcing a new collection may not be trigger customers to visit the store. However, saying that they have three days left to avail the discount will create a time frame and force the customer to take action quickly.

People love to own things that others cannot; therefore, it is important to convey the glory and significance of owning the company’s products. Your communication plays a crucial role in determining the behavior of your customers. They are likely to act quickly if you have effectively conveyed the urgency.

Are you ready to boost your sales right now?

About the Author:
Rameez Ramzan is a Senior Digital Marketing Executive at Cubix, a Washington based renowned software development company. He specializes in link building, content marketing, and site audits to help sites perform better. In his leisure time, he likes to read blogs related to Content Marketing and by the way, he is also a big fan of Neil Patel.

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