How to Use Instagram to Grow Your Email Marketing List

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On Tuesday, September 7th, 2021

Staying in touch with your audience with an email marketing strategy that promotes conversions and boosts sales is a wonderful method to do so. If growing sales is your top priority aim, you must maintain the bond between you and your audience. If you have many email addresses from people who have signed up for your newsletter, you should first create an email marketing list to get started with email marketing.

But how do you expand your marketing list if you don’t have a large database of email addresses? Or maybe there are, but you’d like to add to it? Well, one great way is to use Instagram. 

This article will tell you how you can use Instagram to grow your email marketing list. 

Why Is Email Marketing Important for Your Business?

First, we should see why you should resort to an email marketing strategy at all. On average, email marketing provides a 44-dollar return on investment for every $1 spent. As a result, it is a very cost-effective marketing strategy for businesses to use.

When you make an online purchase, one of the requirements is that you provide your email address. You must enter your email address if you register a new account on any website or platform. Because you have a large number of email addresses, email marketing can have a large reach. So, leaving them unused is actually a loss in your revenue.

When you have the user’s email address, it means that the user has taken several actions on your website. So, it may be interesting for them to get an email from you because they already know you.

In addition, emails can be tracked. You can keep track of your email marketing campaigns by looking at email analytics like opens, forwards, social shares, bounces, and so on.

Furthermore, email is the most widely used communication tool and is seen as a professional method of establishing relationships with leads. So, adopting an email marketing strategy can add value to your business. 

Why Use Instagram to Grow Your Email Marketing List?

With over 1 billion monthly active users on Instagram, we may safely assume that many people check Instagram first thing in the morning. *0% of these users follow at least one business page and more than 200 million people visit a business profile every day. Instagram is commonly used during coffee breaks, lunchtime, after work, and before bedtime. Many of them purchase anything they require from business accounts they have discovered or heard about on Instagram.

Instagram marketing isn’t simply for increasing your followers, Instagram growth, increasing your eCommerce sales, or scaling your website traffic. It can also help you grow your email marketing sales and get more brand recognition.

In light of such fertile ground on which to plant your marketing seeds, you can consider inviting your Instagram followers to join your email marketing list. In other words, failing to consider Instagram as part of your email marketing strategy will result in a significant income loss.

5 Ways to Use Instagram to Grow Your Email Marketing List

Knowing the importance of email marketing and Instagram marketing, you should now learn how to use Instagram to grow your email marketing list. If you do not have a large follower base on Instagram, you can use trusted Instagram followers apps to get organic niche-relevant followers. 

1. Provide Customer Support

Customer experience is the new branding strategy. Customer support is a quite crucial element in your business. It has a direct role in increasing customer retention and customer satisfaction. In addition, good customer support can increase the chance of turning your customers into brand referrals to get a lot more customers with their word of mouth. 

Instagram is a great platform to ensure that you have awesome customer support. Your followers can interact with you on Instagram through comments, DMs, and your contact buttons on your bio section. Provide friendly communication with your followers and answer their questions. If there are so many direct messages and you don’t have time to answer all of them, you can auto-reply Instagram DMs

In your automated DM reply text, you can ask the DM sender to send you an email. So, you can get another email address for your email marketing list. You can also ask your followers to send an email to ask for their inquiries in the caption of your Instagram posts.

2. Promote Your Newsletter

Because Instagram posts have a character limit, it may be difficult for you to fit all information into one caption. Most users are aware of this, and they are willing to click on the link in your bio and sign up for your newsletter to learn more about a brand they enjoy. As a result, when your followers click on your link, they will be instantly subscribed to your newsletter.

Check how @johannabasford adds her newsletter signup link on her bio:

As we already said, subscribed Instagram followers are more likely to be truly interested in your brand and offer if they sign up for your newsletter.

3. Encourage Social Sharing

Is there anything more exciting than learning that your content has gone viral? After all, it implies you reached thousands of individuals, and there’s a good chance you improved website traffic and gained new subscribers as a result.

Not every piece of content becomes viral, however. People may not realize they should share your post unless you specifically ask them to. So, to increase your email list, invite users to share those Instagram photos.

Social sharing is good in the sense that it can increase your brand visibility. Your followers share your content with their friends, and you can get many new customers or leads. If you are creative, you can choose ways to encourage social sharing so that you both get more leads and, of course, new email addresses to grow your email marketing list.

Here are two ways you can encourage social sharing:

Offer Discount Codes

Discount codes are an easy approach to improve sales and acquire email addresses because 58.8% of users follow brands on social media to receive access to deals and discounts. Most businesses find it tough to execute discount campaigns and large deals. Discounts, after all, minimize your profits to some extent.

Look at this discount code offer by @wetnwildebeauty:

Run Giveaways or Contests

If you’re just getting started, acquiring leads for your company could take a long time and effort. Organizing giveaways or contests is an effective marketing strategy for both large and small businesses. After all, who doesn’t like free stuff?

Contests can also aid in the growth of your email list. You can quickly increase your email list by inviting followers to contribute their email addresses for a chance to win by deciding what participation requirements your followers should follow to enter the contest.

To choose the winner of your contests or giveaways, you can use an Instagram giveaway picker.

Look at this example by @converse:

4. Ask to Join Loyalty Programs

Regardless of the size of your company, you should find innovative strategies to keep existing clients and attract new ones. Loyalty programs allow you to praise your customers to understand your competitive advantage and choose you over your competition. Furthermore, loyalty programs imply to potential customers that your organization offers them exceptional perks.

When potential purchasers sign up, you can collect their email addresses.

5. Collaborate with Influencers

With the support of well-reputed influencers, you can spread the news about the contest and enhance your reach. Influencer marketing on Instagram is becoming increasingly popular. There are several terrific strategies to make the most of your influencer campaign, whether you work with celebs or micro-influencers.


Look at how @maisonvalentino collaborates with @zendaya:


 A brand like Valentino has to collaborate with mega influencers and celebrities like Zendaya. But you can choose micro-influencers that are active in your niche and keep track of your marketing budget. You also have the option of working with nano-influencers. You can acquire more participants without spending as much money on the promotion as you would with a better-established influencer because they have a smaller but more engaged following.


Instagram is no longer a fun photo-sharing platform only for friends. Businesses can make great use of Instagram and increase their sales. It’s easier than ever to grow your email marketing list on Instagram, thanks to a range of in-app capabilities. Use the tips above and grow your fan base. I wish you the best of luck!

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