WordPress Landing Pages

Create High Converting Beautiful Landing Pages

  • Create landing pages within the WordPress environment.
  • Visual editor for previewing changes.
  • Create rotating variations of landing pages while comparing impression/conversion results.
  • Integrates with current theme out of the box (uses single.php but can be powered by custom single-landing-pages.php file)
  • Store lead data collected from Landing Pages into Leads database,
  • Choose from included landing page templates or design your own landing page templates or purchase high quality response lander from our marketplace.

A/B testing / Variant testing

Any marketer who knows their stuff will tell you: “We won’t know if it works best unless we are running AB tests”.

Test, test, test, pick a winning variation and test some more.

Conversion rate optimization is an ongoing activity that should be revisited frequently to absolutely maximize the lead flow of your site.

WordPress Landing Pages has a/b testing built right in, for free!

Tests are super simple to setup. You can see quickly and easily which of your landing page variations is winning and turn off the losing page in a single click.

What can you a/b test? Color schemes, images, text, headlines, # of form fields, submit button colors…you name it, the sky’s the limit.

Any option within the specific landing page template you are using is customizable on a per variation basis. If a template doesn’t have specific options you are looking to test for, you can form that template or create your own from scratch.

Start making data driven decisions with your conversion pages.

Unlimited design options

We build the WordPress Landing Page plugin specially with the idea in mind that we wouldn’t limit the number of design or template choices you have.

The default landing page template uses your existing sites design. (this is based off the single.php file of your current site theme)

If you want to customize your landing page design further, you can clone your single.php file, name it single-landing-page.php, customize that new file to fit your needs, and then drop that in your themes main directory.

We also have a growing library of templates on our marketplace. Some on them were built in house by Inbound Now and some by our growing community of third party developers and designers.

For the people who can’t code/write CSS, we built a landing page add on specifically for you to customize and hide unwanted elements on any of the above type of landing page template.

No coding required

Our landing pages are powered by dynamic input fields that let you change everything from images to font colors to layout positionings. That being said, a little knowledge in CSS can help you change elements on the fly.

Auto-populates form input fields

Increase conversion rates with pre-populating forms on your landing pages.

WordPress landing pages comes with smart form technology that will remember past website conversions and automatically fill out the information so the visitor doesn’t have to refill out information they have already entered in.

The form fields on any landing page can also be pre-poplulated dynamically with query strings.

For example: if you had a form field with the name of first_name you can attach that parameter to the landing page URL (http://yoursite.com/landing-page?first_name=david) and automatically fill out the form field for your potential converter.

By profiling out form fields on your landing page forms you can dramatically increase the conversion rates on your site.

A common implementation of using the query strings to pre-populate form data is from your email marketing campaigns. Typically email service providers have dynamic tokens you can drop into an email you are going to send that will automatically insert the recipients email, name, and other data you might have on them.

Developer and designer friendly

Landing page was built with developers in mind.

It's an open source framework that will allow for an unlimited amount of designs.

  • Build designs that compliment your current WordPress theme’s design or…
  • Choose from a large selection of free or premium landing page designs
  • Hire developers to build custom designs that are plugin and play with the Landing Pages framework.

Third party integrations

Inbound Now provides a number of custom integrations to connect to your favorite third party services.

Our tools are ready to be connected with your favorite 3rd party service like Aweber, MailChimp, Zapier, Constant Contact, and more.

Looking for examples?

Every template on our marketplace is linked to a demo page. If you would like to look at our demo website you can see all of our landing page templates in one location and browse to your heart's content.

We also have a good articles on how to make your own template and customize your default theme's template:

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