AffiliateWP Integration

Feature Extension

affiliatewp-logoAffiliateWP is an affiliate marketing plugin for WordPress. We use it here on the site with our own affiliate program and love it. Currently this extension is only for our marketing automation component which available to most Inbound Now subscribers but not available for individual purchase.

Extended Features

Email / Automation

  • Adds Trigger listener to affiliate creation event.
    • Supports 'Create Lead' action.
    • Supports 'Add Lead to List' action.
    • Supports 'Send Email' action.

Landing Pages

  • No extended features at this time.


  • No extended features at this time.

Calls to Action

  • No extended features at this time.


How to I purchase?

This extension is currently available for subscribers using our Marketing Automation component which is only available to subscribers. For that reason it cannot be purchased individually. Please look into becoming a subscriber!

How do I Install?

This extension supports one click installation for Inbound Now subscribers using our Inbound Pro all in one component. Please see our installation guide for more information.


As of 2019 all Inbound Now templates and extensions are bundled under our affordable membership plan that provides access to all templates and extensions at a very low cost. All plans include a 30 day money back guarantee.

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