MailChimp Integration

Send Incoming Form Submissions to Your MailChimp Account

mailchimp-topareaUsing MailChimp as an email service provider? Use our MailChimp integration extension and feed incoming web leads into the mailchimp email service provider for drip campaigns and future email blasts.


This extension works with our entire suite of marketing plugins, including:
  • WordPress Landing Pages
  • WordPress Leads
  • WordPress Calls to Action

Extension Features

  • Automatically sync Inbound Form submission data with target MailChimp list/group.
  • Send any form submission from an Inbound Form into mailchimp
  • Bulk export leads from Leads plugin to target MailChimp list.

Extension Requirements

This extension requires one of the following plugins to be installed. It's recommended that all installed plugins InboundNow plugins are operating at the version below or above.  

Installation & Troubleshooting

How to install MailChimp Integration for Inbound Now Tools




As of 2019 all Inbound Now templates and extensions are bundled under our affordable membership plan that provides access to all templates and extensions at a very low cost. All plans include a 30 day money back guarantee.

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