In the Spirit of Transifex

A dynamic call to action template

Transifex_Variation_Call_to_Action This is a Call To Action template for promoting your marketing partners, inspired by a Transifex advertisement, it works well for any sort of presentational call to action.The label can display in the right or left corner, or removed altogether.Below it is the Center Content area, This is where the main message goes. The font-weight can be set to either normal or bold, and the content can be aligned to the left, center or right.Beneath the Center Content is the Highlight Content, This is useful for highlighting useful features or facts that you want your visitors to know about.And at the bottom is the Redirect Button. The button redirects the user to the address you set in the Redirect Link field.All text areas also come with a Font Picker to further a customize the message to your users.The default Width is 450px, and the default Height is 400px. 

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