How to set up Gravity Forms with Inbound Now’s Leads plugin

Post written by Mark Sapoznikov
On Thursday, July 27th, 2017

If you’re looking for some additional functionality with the forms on your website, Gravity Forms is a great plugin and is very simple to integrate with Inbound Now’s Leads plugin.

First, you’ll want to install the Gravity Forms Integration plugin, and then go to “Extensions” in your Inbound Now plugin and install the extension. Once you have created your first form, you’ll want to take these steps to make sure your form is properly creating and populating your Inbound Now leads.

Mapping gravity form fields to Leads database

After creating your first form, go to “Settings –> WordPress Leads”. This is where you will set up your Inbound Now mapping:

Inbound Now - Gravity Forms


The first thing you’ll want to do is set up a WordPress Leads feed. This will instruct Gravity Forms on how to handle the incoming data from your form.

Inbound Now - Gravity Forms


When you go to edit the feed, you will be able to map all of your forms fields to your Inbound Now fields.

Inbound Now - Gravity Forms

Customizing a “new lead” notification email

When using Inbound Now forms, your lead confirmation emails will contain a direct link to where you can view your lead details inside Inbound Now. With Gravity Forms, this is also possible, but you will need to code your confirmation email to contain this information.

Go to “Settings –> Notifications” inside your gravity form edit screen. There should already be a notification email created for you. If not, go ahead and create a new one. In the message field, design your notification email the way you want it to look. Include a link to “view Inbound Now lead” and link it to:


  • Replace YOURWEBSITE.COM with your website url.
  • Replace {Email:3} with the user email code for your form. This merge code will be populated with the actual email address for the user who filled out the form, and allow the link to point to the correct lead page inside Inbound Now.

If you’re not sure what the email merge code is, you can look it up be selecting “Email” in one of the fields above the message field. This is just to look up the merge code, so be sure to re-populate the field with what you want to go in there. Ex the from email should be your own email address.


Inbound Now - Gravity Forms


After following these steps, your Gravity Forms will now correctly create Inbound Now leads, and populate the data from the form into your leads page. Your notification emails will also have a direct link to your Inbound Now lead page for the person who filled out the form.

Hope you enjoyed this setup tutorial!

About the Author:
Marketing Manager for iMPact Business Group in Grand Rapids, MI.

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