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Inbound Now has retired support and closed access new customers. Please see accounts area for refund requests.

GitHub: Contributing to our Codebase

Inbound PRO Plugin is open source software currently hosted on a GitHub Repo.

Visit our active GitHub Repository.

GitHub: Pull Requests

If you or your Agency would like to make manual improvements to our codebase, we do accept pull requests.

GitHub: Raising Issues

As a customer/user of Inbound Now tools you may be tempted to use the GitHub Issues section for custom support requests.

We advise not to do this, they will most likely be ignored and closed without response. We just won't have the staff available to respond.

Here are the type of GitHub issues that should be created:

  • Security Issues (request for private correspondence before revealing to the public)
  • Known plugin/theme conflicts with steps to reproduce and screenshots (These won't be solved but it's good to have documentation)
  • Feature Requests are OKAY, but please understand that this project is under passive, not active development. We get improvements in as we time between other responsibilities allow.
  • Bugs. If you are sure you have found a bug not related to theme/plugin conflicts then feel free to post it and someone will look into it as time permits.


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