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What does that mean?

No email support, no forum support, no phone support. We kind of leave everything up to you to figure out on your own and invite you to use 3rd parties for solutions when you run into troubles. It's not the ideal model for software, but the alternative is shutting down completely and removing all products from the WordPress sphere.

If you do happen to try our premium products and don't like them, or determine that the lack of support/available documentation is not sufficient, we will provide a no questions asked refund.

You Are Not Completely Alone

Users may refer to our Documentation Website for learning material, our GitHub Repo for code contributions, and for hiring 3rd party trained labor at 70-120 USD/HR minimum rates.

Public Support Forum (RETIRED)

Before our developers closed down free support and slashed prices we did provide a public bbPress forum that users could request support and receive help.

This forum was open for nearly 5 years and accumulated a wealth of information that is still relevant today. It may help you with your journey to spend time browsing our retired forum for recorded solutions to already asked questions.

Browse our retired bbPress forum.

GitHub: Contributing to our Codebase

Inbound PRO Plugin is open source software currently hosted on a GitHub Repo.

Visit our active GitHub Repository.

GitHub: Pull Requests

If you or your Agency would like to make manual improvements to our codebase, we do accept pull requests.

GitHub: Raising Issues

As a customer/user of Inbound Now tools you may be tempted to use the GitHub Issues section for custom support requests.

We advise not to do this, they will most likely be ignored and closed without response. We just won't have the staff available to respond.

Here are the type of GitHub issues that should be created:

  • Security Issues (request for private correspondence before revealing to the public)
  • Known plugin/theme conflicts with steps to reproduce and screenshots (These won't be solved but it's good to have documentation)
  • Feature Requests are OKAY, but please understand that this project is under passive, not active development. We get improvements in as we time between other responsibilities allow.
  • Bugs. If you are sure you have found a bug not related to theme/plugin conflicts then feel free to post it and someone will look into it as time permits.

Paid Support

We have a standing relationship with where capable developers can be outsourced for creating new additions to the codebase, or solving plugin conflicts, or even creating marketing setups in exchange for payment.

Codeable Expert Assistance will cost anywhere from 70-120 USD/HR depending on the expert you would like to hire.

They are the best Agency for hiring WordPress experts with 98%+ 5 star project rating.

Why is Inbound Now Support-less?

As of 2019 Inbound PRO Plugin's sole Lead Developer, Administrator and Customer Support technician, Hudson Atwell (hey that's me) has accepted a new salaried position at the world's premier WordPress Agency,

Now that I've left there's no one around to offer hands on 48 hour support and unfortunately revenue is not great enough to hire outside support.

Why not offer the suite free, you ask?

There are many reasons, but three will do.

One reason is we ship Advanced Custom Fields PRO within the premium version of our plugin and by license agreement we are not allowed to give this asset away for free.

A second reason is that this asset represents over 10,000 of hours of labor. Even if it cannot be supported, I believe it's premium features should ship with a minor entry-cost.

A third and final given reason is that there are other commercial plugins that our suite competes with. Releasing our work for free would eat into their market potential, and I do not want to do this at this time.

Our free offerings, support or no, are still very powerful. Our premium offerings, support or no, are premium for the value found within when compared with the commercial availability of alternatives.

Traditionally we have sold very modest support, and updates, and feature capability. Now we sell updates and feature capability alone with avenues for 3rd party support, and we've dramatically reduced our price to reflect this decision.


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