The Importance Of Developing A Powerful Content Strategy

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On Monday, November 12th, 2012

content-strategy-marketingWebsites that are packed with good quality content have long enjoyed the benefits of high search engine positions and good conversion rates.

However, since Google introduced the Panda and Penguin updates, which place even greater importance on the quality of on-page content, it has become even more vital that your website aims for a mixture of quality and quantity.

You can use text, images, video, and audio, as well as web apps, social features, and other dynamic elements, and you can introduce a content diary that will push you to post regular, fresh content.

What Is A Content Strategy?

Before developing a website and before working on homepage content you should develop a marketing and content strategy for your site. Determine the pages you will include on your main website and how you can introduce further information to your visitors. Use competitor analysis, keyword research, and even market research to help you determine exactly what type of content and even what frequency of content your website visitors are most likely to want.

For Your Readers

Readers love to see high quality content. They can benefit from information and informative articles. The modern web user loves to read blog posts, get involved in discussions, consume video, and view high definition and highly relevant images. As an online business you should be producing this content for the very reason that it is what people want when they arrive on your website. Ecommerce development can include product descriptions, reviews written by users, and even video tours of the products you sell to make your shop unique.

For The Search Engines

More content means more pages and more elements that target specific keywords. A blog, forum, and other elements that include text content can encourage the addition and use of longtail keywords so you enjoy highly targeted visitors. What’s more, with tons of high quality content you will enjoy more links and the conversation that grows around your business on the social networks and other social websites will lead to improved rankings too. The modern search engine uses social indicators, such as Facebook Likes and Twitter Retweets, as a measure of quality.

Curating Content From Other Sites

There is debate over whether you would enjoy similar benefits by curating content from other sources. This means showing RSS feeds of news stories and blog posts, sharing and embedding video links, and offering apps developed by others on your own website. Such an approach can yield results but search engines like Google do not give the same weight to pages of duplicate content as they do original and uniquely created pages. Combining the two could save you some time while ensuring that you have a good measure of original pages.

Developing A Posting Plan

One of the most difficult aspects of posting regular content is finding the time and the inspiration. Set up Google alerts and follow industry related websites. Create a calendar of when you will add new content to your site and the type of content that it will be. You can even consider publishing this diary on your website or blog, therefore committing to that schedule and using your own readers as a source of inspiration and to help ensure that you complete the work as promised.

The Importance Of Your Content

Your website content is vital and every page of your site, blog, and other online real estate should be set up to sell. Website and ecommerce developers can create great looking and dynamic websites for you, but it will be your responsibility, or that of your marketing and content team to ensure that readers have the content they desire. Post regularly and add your own spin and voice to all of the pages you create and you will enjoy excellent results in the shape of increased traffic, improved conversion rates, and better profits. are leading ecommerce developers and can create you a dynamic, attractive, and beneficial ecommerce site. Manage and update your inventory as required, and ensure that you have all of the tools necessary to market your company effectively.

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