Top Free Project Management Tools to Get Your New Business Ready for 2019

Post written by Alice Jackson
On Monday, August 27th, 2018


The success of a business can be attributed to a great team and excellent management. Management is not a single task but an entire critical process, right from task management, time management, and resource management. As you master the art of project management, your team’s productivity can be optimized.

These free project management tools will help you get your business all geared up for 2019:

1. Slack

Teams that have a large number of members and members which are located at different locations often face difficulties in communication. Slack provides a unique and effective communication and fraternization platform. Once you set up your team, you can create a number of channels based on your requirements such as #accounting, #management, #marketing and #sales in addition to the #general and #random automatically created by slack. You c      an create private channels if needed and add selected or all members to a channel. This helps teams to chat privately and stay connected throughout the project. Members can also chat one on one and even share media files quickly.

2. Trello

There are numerous phases and tasks in a single project. Trello is a list based tool which helps you keep all the necessary actionable organized. You can create a board for each client or phase and add as many lists to the board as needed. Tasks or to-do items can be added to these lists in the form of cards. You can add descriptions with task details and necessary attachments to the cards which helps provide in-depth information to the team. Each task can be assigned a resource and a due date. This helps keep track of the task flow, and the team members can stay updated regarding any changes.

3. Evernote

Managing a project with multiple variables might entail for more than just a checklist. Evernote is one of the most popular personal project management tools. This popularity can be attributed to its flexibility and utility in addition to specific features such as receipts, files, etc. Evernote is considered significant for taking private notes as you can store a tremendous amount of information in the form of notebooks. You can start by creating a notebook for each project and divide the different phases or tasks into sacks. Evernote provides the user with a platform to jot down all the information discussed in a meeting and use this information to create your schedule. The reminder feature by Evernote will help your team stay on course and meet the pre-decided deadlines.

4. Google Drive

All the apps in the G-suite have been created for ease of information sharing and collaboration. Tools like Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Calendar, Form, etc. are user-friendly and very importantly free. All you need is a Gmail account, and you can utilize all of these tools. You can upload your files and share them with a few clicks with clients and colleagues across the world. Google hangouts help team members chat one-to-one and stay connected. With the new Gmail update, you now have the Google tasks on the right side of the window, making it accessible and helping you keep a checklist handy for all the to-do items. Using the Google Calendar app, you can create events for the team for meetings or set up reminders for deadlines.

5. Github

Tech professionals often have their hands full with development requirements and specific admin tasks if not appropriately handled can create distractions for them. Github is a popular project management tool among the software engineers and developers. The built-in tagging system helps users organize and prioritize their projects and displays the relevant information saving precious time which is otherwise spent in rummaging through emails. The tool is efficient as multiple issues can be assigned together and you can create milestones to provide a timeline associated with a project. Github is a widely used public repository, and since there is sensitive information being stored, special attention is paid to its security. Github offers free public repositories.

6. BitBucket

BitBucket is another great project management tool favored by the developers and software engineers. Unlike GitHub who offers free public repositories, BitBucket offers free private repositories.  Not only does it function as a private repository where they can create a backup of their code but also organize these backups based on their requirements. BitBucket can also be used to store and edit policy documents, job descriptions, legal documents, proposals making it useful even to people who do not have a tech background.

7. Skype

Skype offers virtual space to small business owners and freelancers by providing them with an opportunity to chat and make video calls to clients as well as colleagues. Skype is an essential tool while working with a remote team or clients. As you collaborate with your team, you can share your screens for a thorough communication and understanding. Using presentations, various team members can take over and lead their respective roles in the complete presentation.


Now that you are equipped with the essentials for all these effective project management tools, take this knowledge for a spin. Pick out the tool you find most suitable and create your project management system using that tool. Make sure your whole team is on-board and ready to use the tool to its maximum potential. Analyse the features you absolutely need in the management tool and get your business ready for 2019!

Helpful tips: If you are a designer using an online logo maker tool to create a custom logo design for multiple clients, a project management tool can help you keep track of which design projects are in progress, which is due in the near future and so on.  

About the Author:
Alice Jackson is a blogger and Digital Marketing Consultant at a crowdsourcing company, Designhill. She is a social media enthusiast, online market analyst, amateur designer and an avid author. She has written on several topics including social media marketing, content marketing, designing trends, startup strategies, and e-commerce. When not writing, she loves spending her time reading romantic novels.

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